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Cannabis contains roughly 65-100 different cannabinoids, the most common being THC and CBD. As science progresses, many benefits of CBD may continue to be discovered.

Simultaneously, hemp growers have managed to find a way to grow strains of cannabis and hemp that contain extremely high levels of CBD with almost no THC. As time goes on and the marijuana industry continues to expand, more and more unimaginable things from this cannabinoid may come to light.

Contrary to THC, CBD may not have psychoactive properties and may not make the patient feel “high”. These facts are not concrete and the FDA along with pharmaceutical companies will have to determine this at some point. For now CBD usage is just a food product and not officially registered as a drug.



Choose from our morning or evening Capsules.

For rest or for energy, you choose. While CBD is
making news headlines worldwide, research is yet
to be conclusive.



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Inhalation is not required, as opposed to
vaporizing CBD oil. More scientific evidence is yet
to come on its effects.



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Vaporizer pens that are loaded with CBD oil
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